2nd Annual OCC Track Day

The second annual OCC track day was held September 15th with more than twice the number of members in attendance as we had last year.

Members came from near and far representing all but one generation of Camaros to take part in the activities or watch other participants try their hand at driving on a closed course. With both the short layout of the road course and a ¼ mile dragstrip available participants were able to try their hand at multiple disciplines.

In addition to the OCC contingent there were a number of interesting cars in attendance at both the strip and the road course that caught our eye. A particular favorite of our members was an early 80’s regular cab GMC truck fitted with numerous modifications including Nascar style wheels and road racing slick tires. A couple of our members were lucky to ride along in this beast and do their best to stay planted in its bench seat.

All in all the event was a huge success for all involved including those who just wanted to watch some drag racing. Given the positive feedback the OCC has received from attendees we will be sure to schedule a 3rd event next year so keep your eyes peeled for more information in the new year!